Charice Pempengco Attempts To Commit Suicide Because of Money Problems

Charice Pempengco has reportedly tried to commit suicide because of financial problems?

Pempengco’s grandmother, Teresita Relucio confirmed that her granddaughter did indeed attempt to commit suicide because she cannot accept that she does not have money anymore.

The news was confirmed in ‘Showbiz Report’ by Cristy Fermin, who even asked Teresita if Charice questioned her mother Raquel where the money went.

Teresita said that whatever Raquel has, is Charice’s earnings from acting as because Charice’s mother is her PA.

She is not surprised that Charice is having money problems because she can see her granddaughter is no longer visible on television right now.

She then asked Raquel to mend ties with the international star since she might be the one to lose it all if something bad happens to Charice.

Teresita heard the news through the family grapevine, and it was not confirmed by Charice herself.

It can be remembered that Charice has a falling out with her family after admitting her sexual preference and living in with her girlfriend Alyssa Quijano, whom she met on the show ‘X Factor Philippines.’

Raquel accepted Charice’s sexual preference but not Alyssa, who she labeled as ‘user.’

However, Charice said that she is ready to marry her girlfriend when the right time comes. –