Andi Eigenmann Professes Just How Much She Loves Jake Ejercito

Through her Instagram account, Andi Eigenmann professed just how much she loves on- and off-boyfriend Jake Ejercito.

This was done amid the negative rumors being spread about their relationship with regard to a third party.

Andi posted their photo when they were only 7 years old on her Instagram and on her caption, she said her mother Jaclyn Jose told her that Andi was sure she is going to marry Jake as early as when she was seven years old.

The ‘Galema’ actress said it is still true up to this day, and she is never ashamed to tell the world how she really feels about the son of former President and now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada and former actress Laarni Enriquez.

People may not understand their relationship, Andi said, but it does not matter to her because Jake made her the happiest girl alive.

She apologized to Jake since his name is being dragged into all the issues being thrown at Andi in showbiz.

But she hopes Jake knows what to believe and what not to believe.

She just hopes that he will be smart enough to know that she will never do anything to hurt him.

She cannot afford to do anything that would not please him at all.

Jake lives and studies in London, England.

He misses him every day and Andi hopes that he knows that it is only him, for her.

No matter what, it is him or nobody.

Andi acknowledges that not all people will be pleased to know about their relationship, but the most important thing is that people understand and that is what matters to them.

The actress also said that there will be a lot of people who will try to break them apart because they are not aware how strong their relationship is and that is real love.

Andi has said before that she and Jake are just friends for now.

She denied getting back together with him despite pictures saying so.

It can be remembered that the two broke up after Jake’s mother, Laarni, disapproved of the relationship since Andi got pregnant with Albie Casino’s child.

Jake broke it off with Andi, and hoped the actress understood he cannot defy his mother.

A few months after that, pictures of them together floated on the Internet again.

Andi also earlier said she will always be vocal about her love for Jake, but she cannot force herself to him if he does not want her anymore.

Her mother, Jaclyn said though that the two are apparently back together.