Jake Cuenca Plans to Try Out for the Phil National Football Team

Jake Cuenca wants to pursue his dream of becoming a football player.

During his guest appearance on the ABS-CBN game show ‘Minute to Win It,’ Cuenca said he plans to try out for the Philippine national football team, also known as the Azkals.

Yung Jake Cuenca kasi para sa mga tao, usually bad boy, maangas.

Pero ang hindi nila alam, susubok siya na maging professional football player next year.

Susubok siya mag-Azkals, he said as he introduced himself in the show.

Bukod doon, mama’s boy siya at mahilig din siya magluto pero mas mahilig siyang mag-football, he added.

Currently, Cuenca is busy taping for ABS-CBN’s hit series ‘Maria Mercedes’ with Jessy Mendiola.

He is also promoting his film, ‘When The Love Is Gone,’ with Alice Dixon, Gabby Concepcion, Andi Eigenmann and Cristine Reyes.

Meanwhile, Cuenca is having a blast in 2013.

He has 6 film credits for the year and is also currently in the ABS-CBN teleserye ‘Maria Mercedes.’

But Jake wants to take a break in December and plans to travel to Spain where he hopes to spend his 25th birthday on December 30.

Yet all is well at work, thanks to ‘Maria Mercedes’ Jessy, whom Jake is rumored to be courting.

Jake said he and Jessy go out if they have time.

They are both busy with their respective projects so they really don’t have enough time.

He is already happy with the time they spend together and they enjoy each other’s company at work.

Their show is doing very well and Jessy is also evolving.

She is also doing a movie and he is also busy doing 3 movies right now.

On the other hand, Jake is surely aware that Sam Milby is also going out with Jessy.

He has no problem with Sam and he is Jake’s good friend .

They have different styles of courting because they are two different men.

Jake would rather take it nice and easy, as the song goes, when it comes to courting Jessy.

They are both not in a hurry to get into a relationship, since she also came from a previous relationship, so she is also biding his time, he said.

But Jake said he feels lucky to be spending a lot of time with Jessy as her co-star in ‘Mercedes.’

He finds this an advantage, but one that he does not wish to exploit, he said.

If it happens that he and Jessy become together, he would be the happiest man.

Jake’s past relationships were also with fellow stars, but none of them have worked out.

With regard to Lovi Poe whom he used to date, Jake said he and Lovi are friends, although that episode taught him, he said, to be more cautious about getting into another relationship.

The moving-on process after Lovi took time.

But Jake is now happy because Lovi and him have remained friends.

He has no ill feelings about her and he wishes her well.

If she would meet someone who could make her happy, fine and good.