Janine Gutierrez Warmly Accepts Lotlot de Leon’s New Guy

Janine Gutierrez is elated that the first soap where she plays the female lead, ‘Villa Quintana,’ is doing very well in the ratings game.

More and more viewers are tuning in to GMA7 weekdays after ‘Eat Bulaga to follow the star-crossed love story of Janine and Elmo Magalona.

And most of them say her acting is quite good and even her own auntie, Jackie Lou Blanco, sister of her dad Ramon Christopher, is quite impressed with her performance.

Elmo and Janine really made a vow to try their best and to make sure the show will please the viewers.

They are all happy to have good feedback, she says.

Janine is also happy to meet her mom Lotlot de Leon’s biological dad, Mr. Donald Olson, who recently visited them from the U.S.A.

It was really a nice reunion for our whole family, she says.

There is a new guy in Lotlot’s life, a Lebanese businessman named Fred Elsourri was there and was also introduced to her dad. J

Janine and her siblings have warmly accepted the guy.

They are just there to support their mama if Lotlot is happy with the guy.

Even their dad, Monching is also happy for her.

Their parents are now separated but they can feel that they still care for each other and still wish the best for one another.