Sam Milby Wants to Introduce Jessy Mendiola to His Parents

Sam Milby wants Jessy Mendiola to meet his parents when he visits them this Christmas.

Milby admitted that because of Mendiola’s busy schedule, he finds it difficult to move beyond the ‘getting-to-know’ stage of the relationship.

In almost two months, they only meet twice and it has been hard.

They have been keeping in touch but it is still very early in the getting-to-know stage, he said.

The 29-year-old actor has been vocal about his admiration for the ‘Maria Mercedes’ star.

He admitted in an earlier interview on ‘The Buzz’ that he liked Mendiola for her simplicity and beauty.

That is one thing he never did even in his previous girlfriends.

He was never vocal and never wanted to make that mistake again .

But he does not want for people to get the wrong impression.

Sam wanted to just let her know that he likes her and he is courting her, he said.

Asked how he would introduce the 20-year-old actress to his parents, Milby said, ‘Mom and Dad, this is Jessy,’ he added in jest.

Milby also gave his thoughts on the supposed rivalry among him, Jake Cuenca, and basketball players Jeric and Jeron Teng.

It is not surprising and he does not see any guy who has no crush on Jessy because she is very beautiful and gorgeous.

She is blooming right now and has everything going for her, he said.

For her part, Mendiola, despite admitting that Milby probably has the best chance with her, clarified that she and Milby are not yet a couple.