Kris Bernal Sees Her Long Lost Dad

Kris Bernal got the surprise of her life when she saw her long lost dad showing up while she was doing a mall show.

Kris’ mom and dad are separated and she has not seen her father for quite some time, so she felt so happy when he appeared before her while promoting her hit soap ‘Prinsesa ng Buhay Ko’.

The meeting was arranged by the GMA News TV Channel 11’s show, ‘Tunay na Buhay’, hosted by Rhea Santos.

She could not help but cry tears of joy when she saw my dad habang kumakanta ako, she says.

Her dad congratulated her for the big success of ‘Prinsesa ng Buhay Ko’ that is the top rater in its time slot per AGB Nielsen ratings.

It is obvious that viewers are enthusiastically following the ups and downs in the love story of Kris as Cess and Aljur Abrenica as Nick.

Kris has broken up with Renz Fernandez as Luis even if he is trying his best to woo her back again.

Renz has a drinking binge with half brother Aljur and they end up fighting each other so cops come and arrest them.

Their moms Eliza (Carmi Martin) and Tessa (Maritoni Fernandez) follow them and also end up fighting each other.

The cops try to intervene but the two moms also end up fighting with them so the two moms also end up in jail.

Aljur decides to resign from the company of his dad (Emilio Garcia).

Kate (LJ Reyes) is happy about this turn of events because it means she has a good chance of getting Aljur back.

But Aljur tells Kris that he has decided to go abroad and live in New York. But Kris will run after him at the airport and they kiss.