People Have Wrong Impression About Gladys Reyes

Gladys Reyes’ talent as an actress is unlimited.

She started in a role that catapulted her career in the context of an anti-hero.

As an actress, no one can look down at her as she shines without trying hard to steal thunder from other stars.

As time goes by, she eventually got married and raised a family.

Many doubted if her husband, Christopher Roxas can stand her for long.

But truth of the matter is, Christopher cannot ask for more (except for her being madaldal, which is tolerable, as Gladys is hands on in her role as a wife and mother.

In GMA7’s Pyra: Ang Babaeng Apoy (which is in its finale week), Gladys has shown she can be a sophisticated kontrabida.

The good thing is, her fans are proud of her as one talent that is hard to be left out in any scene.

In fact, even as a host, she shows her mettle. In her show on Net 24, ‘Moments,’ she has proven her talent and wit as she talks to her guests that ranges from people in the high society, government officials and co-artists.

Don’t look now, Gladys who was a victim of the typhoon Ondoy would like to make the devastated Leyte as subject of ‘Moments’ in her capacity as co-producer and sometimes, writer and host.

She wants to get an in-depth story from people who were victims of the calamity.