Richard Gomez is Gretchen Barretto’s Crush

Gretchen Barretto is back from London after spending some time there with her daughter, Dominique Cojuangco.

Barretto will be doing a movie with Star Cinema wherein she will star alongside Richard Gomez, Jessy Mendiola and John Lloyd Cruz.

The actress was asked about the current feud in the Barretto clan, especially with regards to her sister Claudine’s RA 9262 case against estranged husband Raymart Santiago.

Raymart’s counter affidavit included the testimonies of the Barretto siblings like Gretchen, Marjorie and JJ.

Gretchen said she is not fearful of anything because the truth has finally come out.

She has nothing more to say about the issue because she has revealed through her testimony what really happened to Claudine during her marriage to Raymart.

Gretchen backed Raymart’s allegations that the actress was a drug addict.

Raymart even showed pictures of Claudine injecting herself presumably with illegal drugs.

There seems to be no healing when it comes to this issue, Gretchen said.

She does not want to talk about it anymore because it raises a lot of questions and opens a lot of wounds.

However, Gretchen knows she cannot run away from the issues forever.

She is prepared to stand up for herself, and for the truth, the actress added.

For now, Gretchen is busy with the Star Cinema film and they just had a story conference.

Gretchen even posted a photo of the story conference on her Instagram account.

According to the actress, she is very excited to be working alongside Richard – her crush when they were still Regal babies although Gretchen laughingly joked that Richard never noticed her.

For his part, Richard said Gretchen has always been his crush but he has a different loveteam partner then, so he cannot reveal that tidbit.

Also, both of them are excited to be working with John Lloyd, one of the most celebrated actors of his generation.

Gretchen said she has always been in awe of the actor’s acting chops and she cannot wait to start working with him.