Korina Sanchez is Set to Resign From Her ABS-CBN’s Radio/TV Shows?

If you cannot stand the heat, leave the kitchen.

That may be the case for newsreader Korina Sanchez, who remains as one of the most hated celebrities across the social media these days.

As her critics and detractors join hands to put her down, the lady broadcast icon may have finally realized that she does not want to further experience this kind of treatment.

It seems that she is becoming a shock absorb-er, taking in all the rage by most Filipinos who are disappointed about how the Philippine government handles the crisis in the areas devastated by Super Typhoon Yolanda.

What could have brought her to this unlikely situation? Blame her tactlessness.

Korina criticized CNN news reporter Anderson Cooper over her daily morning radio program at DZMM, ABS-CBN’s AM radio station.

Anderson came to the Philippines from the US to cover the typhoon devastation in Tacloban City and other areas in the Visayas.

Most of his reports were aired at his own CNN program ‘Anderson 360.’

Korina might have overheard from unreliable sources that Anderson allegedly stated in his reports that he did not see the Philippine government doing action to aid the calamity victims.

Meanwhile, according to well-placed sources, who are among the executives of the Kapamilya network, Korina is set to resign from all her radio and TV shows in ABS-CBN by next year.

They clarified that this decision may not have anything to do with the recent controversy she has figured in, involving CNN correspondent and host Anderson Cooper.

Sources claim that Korina has already made her plans known to some ABS-CBN News bosses before the controversy with Anderson emerged.

They insist that Korina has been planning her early retirement in 2014 for quite some time now.

This means that once her resignation from the network is approved and implemented, she would drop all her commitments to the network.

She is reportedly set to lose TV shows ‘Rated K’ and ‘TV Patrol.’