Regine Velasquez is Touched & Overwhelmed by the Support of Other Countries

Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez believes there is a reason why the country suffered from recent calamities, super typhoon Yolanda.

In the latest National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) report, almost 4,000 people were killed, 18,266 were injured, 1,602 are still missing and millions of people are displaced in the Visayas.

The singer said that it’s hard to understand why we experience these disasters because many homes, livelihood and lives were lost.

Regine added that siguro nga kaya sa atin tumama yung bagyo kasi kaya natin. Minsan kasi si God ina-allow niya yung mga ganitong sakuna kasi may gusto siyang ipakita sa buong mundo… may purpose yun.

Although the whole country is going through difficult time, the singer said, just like many, she is touched and overwhelmed by the support and response the country is getting from other nations around the world.

Messages of solidarity, monetary and in kind donations from international organizations, private groups and personalities are pouring in since the wake of Yolanda.

Regine said this is the best time to help rebuild lives affected by the super typhoon in Visayas.

In her own little way, Regine and her husband Ogie Alcasid started an auction to generate funds for the storm victims.

Regine is auctioning off her two Hermes Kelly bags, Hermes twilly, yellow Celine tote, and other luxury items from Chanel, Gucci, and French fashion house Louis Vuitton.

Aside from bags, Regine is also offering designer shoes, from Prada, Balenciaga to Christian Louboutin, and her Cary Santiago gowns.

They did it just to encourage other people to also help each other.

These things that they are auctioning are their personal stuff with sentimental value, she said.