Vina Morales Prefers to Stay Quiet Regarding Her Legal Battle

Vina Morales refused to comment on reports that she has filed for a protection order on behalf of her daughter, Ceana.

Early this week, Morales said she would rather keep quiet about legal matters, especially when it concerns her four-year-old daughter, because she wants to give her the utmost protection.

She is always honest although she says that there is something going on.

But for respect and for the sake of her child, she’d rather keep quiet. Any parent would do that. But she cannot give details.

Unlike other local celebrities who have gone public with their legal tiff, Morales said she prefers to stay quiet so as not to further aggravate the situation.

She her family, and she has God. It is hard to say anything just like other couples, it can affect the children.

Despite this, Morales shared that she is happy to see her daughter grow up into a beautiful and responsible girl.

She is doing very well in school and she is into fashion, she likes to pose, to wear really nice dresses so she is thinking of putting up a kikay line for her.

She is working on it already, she said.

Ceana is Morales’s daughter with her former partner, businessman Cedric Lee.

It can be recalled that 2 years ago, the actress talked about her break-up with the businessman.

When she got pregnant, they already broke up, she said on ABS-CBN’s Kris TV hosted by Kris Aquino.

However, Morales said that she and Lee remain friends for the sake of their daughter.

They always have good communication and he visits Ceana almost everyday.

Being a full-time mom, Morales said romance is not really a top priority for her now.

But she said she is still open to dating again.

She is standing up again, maybe soon, she will be ready to date.