Willie Revillame’s Fortune is Now in Trouble?

Is Willie Revillame’s fortune in trouble these days?

For sure, it would take a long time before his wealth is gone but there are reports that may indicate that the end has started for the controversial and multimillionaire TV host-comedian.

As many of our fellowmen cope with the effect of Typhoon Yolanda, Willie could be facing a typhoon of his own.

If you may drop by the scout areas in Quezon City near ABS-CBN compound, you may no longer find Willie’s high-end bar and restaurant named Wil’s Events Place.

The reason is the well publicized and promoted events place has finally folded up and closed its shop, for good.

Willie first offered to sell the business to Regal Entertainment’s Mother Lily Monteverde.

However, the film outfit matriarch reportedly refused to acquire the property and business.

Mother Lily, who is known for her stringent business decisions, allegedly discovered that the site where the property is located is prone to usual flooding.

The place is currently up for sale and it is not clear if Willie has already found a prospective buyer for it.

There is also no hint if the former TV host is selling it at a reasonable or at an excessive price tag.

But one thing is for sure that Wil’s Events Place is not resuming business.

‘Wil’s Events Place’ may have incurred losses due to poor sales.

Since its beginning, the business had generated only a few loyal customers and this could be because the menu is high-end and very expensive, probably because Willie had hired popular chef Florabel Co-Yatco to take care of the dishes.

Another possible reason could be mismanagement as Willie allegedly decided to personally manage the business.

It could be noted that a few years ago, many of the bar and restaurant’s former waiters and crew came out to some press reporters to expose the inhumane treatment they had experienced from Willie, who has always been known for his short temper.

Now, those former waiters of the restaurant could be feeling justified.

It should also be noted that this misfortune came just less than a month after Willie lost his noontime TV show at TV5.

As expected, the controversial celebrity did not leave the network without any bitterness.

TV5 decided to ditch him because they have been incurring huge losses in the expensive show that has not ever provided any form of return of investment.

There are also reports that Willie is also starting to dispose and divest some of his properties.

His Wil Tower Mall is also not doing well.

The business boasts of being the only luxury condo-mall in Quezon City.

But he must have now realized that the marketing position is not appropriate.

The Wil Tower Mall is a mere museum where Willie gets to showcase his Louis Vuitton band and several expensive cars.