Ruffa Gutierrez is Ready to Meet Someone Special

Ruffa Gutierrez shared her two daughters, Lorin and Venice, who want her to find a life partner and eventually have more kids.

Gutierrez said the only request of her children is to not date someone younger than her and preferably on his 30s or 40s.

For Ruffa, if ever it comes, why not, she will embrace it, she said.

The actress added that she is still young but as of now she is happy with her two kids, they are her priority and if ever she ends up with a partner who wants to have more children, at least she is capable.

After three years of being single, Ruffa said she is ready to meet someone special.

The actress even disclosed that she moved to a different bedroom in their Dasmarinas house to activate my love chi.

According to her Feng Shui, she has been sleeping in the wrong room for two years, facing the mirror.

If there’s a guy who has intentions for her, he will not pursue his intention.

She said it would not hurt if she will try to attract good energy and veer away from the negative ones.

When asked if she prefers dating Filipino men than foreign guys, Ruffa said she’s open to anyone as long as he will respect her and love her children.

If every she falls in love, it does not really matter if he is Pinoy or not, she said.

Meantime, the actress is yet to announce if she will sign a new network contract with any of the three major stations.

Although most of her projects now are with ABS-CBN, Ruffa said she is still open working with GMA-7 and TV5.

She never burns the bridges with ABS and she is just happy, grateful and fortunate that there is no negativity between them.

But she does not want to close her doors to any of that but now she is taking one step at a time.

She would love to have it when it comes to that time that she can work with all the stations like before.

Ruffa is keen in doing drama and comedy like her former series ‘Betty La Fea’ or talk show program like the ‘The Buzz’.