Cristine Reyes Maintains Her Friendship with Derek Ramsay

There were reports that Cristine Reyes avoided ex-boyfriend Derek Ramsay during the launch of the Foot Massage Lounge at The Fort.

When Cristine arrived at the event, Derek was already gone since he had to attend to his taping for ‘For The Love of Money.’

Cristine was late to the launch because she was fixing some pictures at her house in Paranaque City.

The blessing was also done by the time she arrived at the event and when reporters talked to Cristine about the issue, the actress was quick to clarify that she maintained her friendship with the actor.

In fact, she was even speaking with Derek while she was on her way to Taguig City and he reprimanded her because she was late again.

Cristine said the actor has always been like that to her – guiding and leading her to the right way.

When they were seen in Hawaii together, many thought the two have gotten back together again.

Cristine said she does not feel that they just broken up that time because their friendship comes naturally.

Derek was with his best friend that time, so Cristine was also able to hang out with them.

The actress said they even rented a pickup truck and had a road trip and there is no reason for her and Derek to be awkward around each other.

They are even doing a movie together entitled ‘Trophy Wife.’

Cristine believes in being friends with an ex and she explained that the main reason why a person fell in love with another person is because she/he saw something good in her/him.

That is why it is such a waste of friendship if she will let a simple thing such as a breakup ruin how she sees that other person.

The actress shared she is still friends with ex-boyfriend Rayver Cruz as they are even together in ‘Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin.’

Rayver even visited her house in Paranaque City when she lost electricity during Typhoon Yolanda.

She also remained close to Dennis Trillo’s mother.

Cristine said she’s not closing her doors to anyone.

Some people poked fun at Derek for saying the word ‘forever’ about Cristine and then, ending their relationship after just a month.

The actress said they are both young and they do not know what will happen in the future.