Amy Perez Will Be Visible Again via ABS-CBN’s ‘The Singing Bee’

Amy Perez is set to make herself visible again when ABS-CBN’s The Singing Bee returns on air starting tomorrow, Nov. 16.

But this time, she will no longer be T’yang Amy who used to bridge the gap and help settle issues between two feuding parties in the show where she last appeared in.

She will be simply called as Amy in the musical game show that was hosted by Cesar Montano during its first season of airing.

Amy will share hosting duties with Roderick Paulate whom she had worked with 15 years ago in the former Kapamilya noontime show Sang Linggo nAPO Sila.

She does not think there will be major adjustments about handling a new show sans the popular tag.

The tag T’yang Amy actually started here on ABS in Sang Linggo nAPO Sila and she was the one who suggested to them (TV5, her former network) to call her that namen just like everyone close to her who calls her T’yang Amy.

Having mentioned her former TV network, Amy says everything is okay between her and TV5 as they both have mutually agreed to part ways because in that business it is very important that you don’t burn bridges so she have no problem with TV5.

Amy never denies that there are still some kinks that need to be ironed out between her and her former show’s staff.

People are clueless on the cause of the rift and the actress-host is finally spilling the beans to set the matter clear.

It is really sad that it turned out that way and the show became too negative after a while probably because they absorbed all the negative vibes without realizing it.

She was just honest with all of them (Face to Face team) that after giving birth at the age of 43, she really cannot tape four episodes in one day so she thought it was not just explained well to the staff, that is why they had a different feeling.

To this day, the misunderstanding has yet to be settled.

Perhaps, the pain is still there and even the president of TV5 said that it is better for me to take a break, after two years she might get to work with them again.

She has no second thoughts about leaving since she is already too identified with the show because nothing is permanent.

And eventually you will say goodbye to a show just like here in Singing Bee this is not going to be forever, she said.

It just so happened that the ending was not nice probably she was just very emotional after giving birth.

She was going through a lot of depression which led to misunderstanding and it was blown out of proportion.

She, too, would like to make one thing perfectly clear: Her contract with TV5 had expired since May of last year and she decided to stay without signing a new contract.