Ervic Vijandre is the Man Behind Ariella Arida’s Smile?

Ervic Vijandre says he is proud of Ariella Arida.

Arida’s swimsuit and evening gown in the Miss Universe pageant were ‘sponsored’ and her winning smile was courtesy of her inspiration, cager-actor Ervic Vijandre.

And he is overjoyed that she placed fourth (third runner-up) in the pageant.

He admires her character and kind heart and her willingness to inspire others to achieve their dreams.

It is her birthday next week and he will just give her one gift.

He will just wait for her to come home and they are able to talk after she wins.

The actor is not expecting a gift from Russia because she is stingy and he cannot wait to see her with or without a crown, Ariella will always be a queen to Ervic and he is the man behind her smile.