Jessy Mendiola Feels Happy that JM de Guzman is Now Back Home

The family of JM de Guzman has denied the claims of Jessy Mendiola regarding the supposed current health condition of the actor.

This comes after Mendiola told reporters on Sunday that she felt happy when she heard that de Guzman is now back home.

Last July, de Guzman’s father pulled him off the biopic ‘San Pedro Calungsod: Batang Martir,’ citing health reasons. Mr. de Guzman, however, said he is hopeful that his son will recover soon.

He is somewhere, not yet stable, but getting better.

A few more months and he will be okay.

Maybe by December, he will be recovered.

He will be a better man when he emerges and he himself will tell the whole true story, he said at the time.

On Tuesday, a source close to de Guzman’s family told that none of what Mendiola said is true because they do not have any communication with the actress.

During the Sunday interview, the Maria Mercedes actress said that she is really happy for him.

While admitting that she and de Guzman currently have no communication, Mendiola said she is open to rebuilding their friendship.

Last September, a very close friend of mine sent a message to me asking for a birthday message for him.

So she sent a birthday message for him.

She added that she is open to be friends with him.

She wants people to see who he really is because he is a good man.

He is a really good actor and here is nothing bad to say about him.

Asked if she is ready to face de Guzman anytime.

She wants to see him and how he is.

De Guzman’s last regular TV project was the series ‘Angelito: Ang Bagong Yugto,’ which ended in December last year.

He was last seen in the acclaimed movie, ‘On the Job,’ where he played the drug-addict son of Joey Marquez.