Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworski Shares Her Beauty Secrets

After all these years, Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworski’s beauty remains ageless.

Mikee does not look 39 and she is proud to be one.

She loves the concept of Peter Pan, the boy who never wanted to grow up.

That’s cool if it could actually happen, although, she is not afraid to get past her 40s.

She can choose to be afraid because she does not want her looks to change but the fact is that she cannot control it.

It is a reality for every single person in this world—and to fear aging is to limit herself, she wisely says.

She’s proud to be where she is now and she does not regret anything.

The happiest years of her life were when she had her family.

If she looks back to the memorable years of her life, the most she can go back to is when she was 35.

Her youngest son was born when she was 35 and to go back beyond that is to say the best years of her life has been without her children, which is not true at all, she explains.

She is very thankful for her youth, having been given a lot of opportunities to experience when she was single.

Mikee shares their skincare regimen.

As you get older, your skincare regimen changes and decade after decade, skin changes and the goal is to always look younger than we actually are.

Wrinkles are inevitable but there is a way we can delay it.

Here are some tips from her on how to get good-looking skin.

Youth should not be wasted on the young.

Get enough sleep, use SPF, and always wash your face.

You do not need a lot of products slathered on your skin and If you are being healthy (that means no smoking), sleeping early, and getting some exercise, you are very much likely to look even more gorgeous when you reach 40.

She loves going to the beach but she makes sure she wears SPF.

If you want to wear your bikini, be sure to protect yourself from the harsh rays of the sun—which can cause premature aging.

Mikee likes to use natural white cream because it has SPF 24 at the same time, it protects the fairness of our skin.

Aging starts 30 and this can only mean one thing: get serious about skincare.

It is more than just SPF now. If you have not started on eye cream in your 20s, load up every night.

Mikee applies a light moisturizer in the morning and at night.

For her body, she uses virgin coconut oil which is known to relieve dry skin. And we all know dry skin causes wrinkles and you would not want that.

A decade away from menopause, you know you are losing collagen and elastin and there can be signs of increased wrinkling.

But if Mikee can look gorgeous in her age, so can we-but only with the right skincare regimen.