Paulo Avelino will No Longer Talk About Personal Life

Paulo Avelino said he did not intend to make it appear that he and KC Concepcion are already serious with each other.

Lately, Avelino admitted on national television that he is currently going out with the actress.

This is what Avelino told entertainment website when asked for his reaction following Concepcion’s post on Twitter that she is not exclusively dating anyone.

He said in the interview that he and Concepcion were dating like having dinner, talking and nothing more than that.

Avelino, who is not used to sharing details about his private life, said he is hoping his ‘Buzz ng Bayan’ interview would be the last time he would talk about his personal life.

That would be the last, it might contradict what he has been saying and he really would want to keep a private life, a very quiet and peaceful life, he said.

Asked how he would feel if he gets the approval of Concepcion’s mom, veteran actress Sharon Cuneta, the ‘Honesto’ actor said: Of course, if KC is happy, her mother would also be happy.

However, he quickly added that he is not sure whether he is the only person making Concepcion happy because he is sure there are a lot of things that make her happy.