Angelu de Leon Wants Her Daughters to Learn from Her Mistakes

Angelu De Leon ensures her daughters to learn from her mistakes.

De Leon is not taking chances and she is doing all that she can to make that a reality.

Since her daughters are now 15 and 12, she ensures that her daughters know from what she has gone through from stories that she herself has told.

According to de Leon, she does not want her children to find out things she did in the past from other people.

She would rather have them know everything from her and not from other sources like the Internet.

She said there is no point in hiding her past from her kids since her life is an open book.

Currently, de Leon has two daughters who are essentially teens: Nicole (15) and Lois (12).

De Leoon said that she is especially careful with Nicole since she is now 15.

She added that 15 is the age where it all started for her, the Philippine Entertainment Portal reports.

De Leon shared how thankful she is that she can see that her kids will not be as out of control as her when she was young.

According to her, her kids are open to her, even telling them when they have crushes.

The actress also shares that this is the way she wants things to happen.

She is not the type to meddle with her kids’ phones but she wants them to naturally open up to her and she thinks that it will be harder for kids to have secrets from her.

Meanwhile, the de Leon said that her daughters are showing no signs of being interested in showbiz.

She said that her daughters make her proud because they love going to school and get high grades unlike her

She did not finish her studies because she enjoyed being an actress and it was her big mistake.