Charice Pempengco Has Her First Relationship at 13

Charice Pempengco revealed she had her first relationship at the age of 13.

Charice kept all of them private even though speculations on her gender preference are constantly circulating in show business.

The singer said she had the strength to finally come out in the open because Alyssa Quijano is behind her and the relationship is for keeps.

When asked if marriage is already in the picture, the singer shared they talk about it but it is not happening anytime soon.

What Charice is certain is that she’s ready to build a life with Alyssa.

The way people see us, they think they are not serious and they don’t see how they talk and how they fight about simple things.

Charice said her relationship with girlfriend Alyssa is a mature one, unlike what other people think.

In a recent interview with the international singing sensation, the 21-year-old said she would not enter a relationship and at the same time admit to the public that she’s gay if she’s not sure of the person.

Meanwhile, Charice said she hasn’t spoken yet to her mother Racquel.

Although they live apart, the singer still gets updates from close friends and some relatives on how her mom and brother Carl are doing right now.

Charice said she is still her mother’s daughter and the love, care and understanding will remain forever.

The singer also said that she just does not want to hear another rejection and once is enough and not now.

Charice added that they all live in Cabuyao, Laguna and it is only a matter of time before they bump into each other.

Now that Christmas is fast approaching, the singer said she also wants to spend it with her immediate family. But said she wouldn’t push things when the wound is still raw.

Coming and having a relationship with Alyssa, that does not mean she forgot them.