Phil Younghusband is Affected by the Angel Locsin and Former Boyfriend’s Rumored Sex Video

It has already been official that Angel Locsin and Phil Younghusband have ended their two-year relationship.

Angel confirmed the reports through a brief message posted in her social media account, while Phil released a short official statement to the press.

But showbiz bystanders and observers would not like to stop there because they wanted to know the real cause of the breakup between the couple.

Angel and Phil both refused to divulge more details as they invoked their privacy while the gossip mill has again started to take its course.

So what could have possibly caused the silent but eventually talked about breakup between the two?

Several showbiz insiders and sources claim that Phil must have felt threatened and insulted by reports that Angel supposedly had several recorded sex videos with former boyfriend Chito Miranda.

Although this issue came out just a few days after the first sex video between Chito and current girlfriend Neri Naig leaked online, talks have persisted that Chito also recorded his intimate moments with Angel and Kaye Abad.