Freddie Aguilar Faces Seduction Charges

Freddie Aguilar who is behind the hit song ‘Anak,’ is now facing qualified seduction charges over his relationship with a minor.

In a previous interview, the singer stressed that he will fight for his relationship.

He also reiterated that he is willing to marry his girlfriend when she turns 18.

Also on Facebook, Freddie’s daughter Maegan lambasted critics and said that her family does not see anything wrong with the singer’s current relationship.

Maegan believes that despite the controversy, nothing and no one can destroy his father’s achievements in the local music industry.

Meanwhile, Aguilar’s sister reacts to bother’s May-Dec romance.

She finally shared her opinion about the 60-year-old singer’s controversial relationship with a 16-year-old girl.

In her Facebook account, author Marlene Aguilar said that while she does not agree with her brother’s May-December romance, she does not have the right to dictate upon anyone how they should handle their own love affairs.

Ultimately, it is her brother’s life so it’s really none of her business.

‘Thank you,’ she said in a public Facebook post.

She added that she has decided to speak up about the issue because a lot of people have been asking her about it.

She has posted this before and she will post it again because people continue sending her messages asking her opinion about her brother’s love affair with a 16-year-old, she wrote.