Zanjoe Marudo is Challeged to Win the Hearts of Bea Alonzo’s Fans

Actress Bea Alonzo admitted that her boyfriend Zanjoe Marudo was challenged to win the hearts of her fans.

Appearing on ‘KrisTV’ on Thursday, Alonzo recalled that Marudo felt pressured from her fans at the start of their relationship.

Bea’s fans were used to be critical of Zanjoe.

They expect so much and Zanjoe had to win them because they do not want them together said Alonzo, who at the time was more known as the long-time leading lady of actor John Lloyd Cruz.

However, Alonzo noticed that her fans eventually learned to accept Marudo.

Aside from her fans, Alonzo said her boyfriend also had to win her mother’s approval

Alonzo admitted that like other couples, their relationship is not perfect, saying they also have fights.