Phoemela Baranda Divulges Her Best Kept Secret

In an effort to correct her past mistakes and come out clean, model-turned-TV-host Phoemela Baranda has divulged her best kept secret.

Baranda reveals her 14-year-old daughter named Kim for the first time.

In an exclusive interview with ‘Ang Buzz ng Bayan,’ aired on Sunday, Phoem confessed that she had Kim when she was only 18-years-old to a former boyfriend which her mother does not approve of.

Baranda shamefully admitted that for 15 years she took on the life of a single woman by introducing Kim as her niece when she was a lot younger to her younger sister when she eventually grew up.

While her boyfriend wanted to take the responsibility by fathering the child and marrying her, Phoem shared that her mother wanted otherwise.

Phoem’s mom told her to hide her pregnancy because she was modelling at that time.

Citing that she was off for a brief vacation, Phoem flew to the US when she was still four months pregnant and only returned to the country after she has given birth to Kim.

However, things eventually turned around for the former ‘The Buzz’ reporter when her mother passed away as she was forced to take over the responsibility of rearing her daughter.

According to her, their relationship as mother and daughter was initially awkward but she made every effort to patch things up between the two of them.

Kim is giving her a chance to fix everything because they are not close to each other but Phoem is trying her best to replace the lost time.

She has been wanting to do this, the 33-year-old TV host told hosts Boy Abunda, Janice de Belen and Carmina Villaroel.

She owes it to Kim and she is proud of Kim and wants to acknowledge her.

She wants to show her to the whole world.

Meanwhile, Kim, who was also on the show, revealed that she never bore any grudges against her mother for hiding her away for quite a while.

She even added that, given the nature of show business, she understands the fact that at that time, it was a decision that her mom and her late grandmother had to make.

She knows how showbiz is and she recalled about the talk that she had with her mom and a certain Tito of hers.

Now that her mom confessed about her existence to the public, her life is bound to change and Kim says she is ready for it.

She thinks she is kind of mature enough because she grows up and she is raised to be strong.

In the end, she told Phoem that she appreciates every bit of effort made by the Kapamilya host to reach out to her.

Kim appreciates all the things her mother is doing for her, all the catching up she is doing and knows sometimes she is a rebel but she loves her.

She is content having Phoem as her mother and father at the same time and does not feel the need to learn who her real father was.