Lawyer Files Seduction Case Vs. Freddie Aguilar

A lawyer has filed a seduction case against Freddie Aguilar for having an affair with a 16-year old girl.

But another lawyer, who is also a broadcaster has said that the case versus Ka Freddie is weak.

A seduction case must be filed, the opposing lawyer said, by the victim herself, her parents or a guardian.

The lawyer who filed the case is neither her parent nor guardian, so he presents no personality in this issue.

But of course, Ka Freddie is not off the hook yet because there are other laws which protect minors, like RA 7610. and in this case, the DSWD can intervene.

Some people say there are graver problems other minors in the Philippines face.

If the girl involved with Ka Freddie is saying she is happy now, wait until she turns 18.