Matteo Guidicelli is Caught Talking to Sarah Geronimo’s Mother?

Matteo Guidicelli was caught on camera talking to Mommy Divine, Sarah Geronimo’s mom.

Geronimo enters Twitter trend today, Oct. 15, 2013 and is on the seventh spot of trending.

This must be the result of her being popular or because of her rumored relationship with Matteo Guidicelli?

Sources confirmed that Mommy Divine and Matteo have had the chance to get to know each other more in the U.S. last May and June of this year.

Everyone in showbiz industry knew that Mommy Divine Geronimo is protecting her daughter.

The mother does not want her daughter to get involve with someone whose intention is not that very clear.

Although some people are questioning her way of protecting her daughter, they said the pop princess is at the right age and she deserves to find the right man on her own.

But Mommy Divine chose to remain silent despite the issues and intrigues.

The good mom let her daughter explain her side to the members of the press.

Today, Geronimo is facing the new chapter of her life because reports said she is being courted by Matteo.

At first, Matteo denied the issue, he said there is no truth to that because he is just a friend of the pop princess.

But despite his denial, rumors are still circulating online that they are in good terms and reports are also saying that Divine Geronimo is favoring him for Sarah.

Netizens have reacted to that issue and they are told that there is no truth to that because the mom is very strict.

But it seems that all of them have got the wrong impression when they told everyone that Mommy Divine is very strict because she was caught on camera seriously talking to Matteo Guidicelli in a restaurant.