Marian Rivera Reveals Secret to Her Relationship with Dingdong Dantes

Marian Rivera shares the secret to her three year-long relationship with Dingdong Dantes.

Their relationship is God-centered because without God in your heart the relationship would not last, Rivera said.

Rivera and Dantes do not talk about marriage but both remain hopeful that wedding bells will still be their plan in the future.

They believe that it would just come because it would be difficult to rush marriage plans just because they have to.

It would be better if they take their time and they feel that it would be spiritually right.

They do not also want to say that they have other priorities, it is really all about timing.

Dingdong, who is a supporter of responsible parenthood likes to have four children.

When he was asked for his opinion on Marian’s joke to have a brood of 12, he jokingly said, that it is where responsible parenthood comes in.

Meanwhile, after producing her first movie project ‘Kung Fu Divas,’ Marian admitted she was very proud of doing her own stunts for the said action-comedy film.

She does not always rely on a stunt double to do her scenes, even when she is tired from other showbiz commitments during the making of the film.

When she was offered to produce the project, she said that she had faith in the script and in her co-star Ai Ai Ai De las Alas.