Aiza Seguera Reveals that Coming Out to Her Family is Not that Easy

Aiza Seguera said that coming out to her family was not easy.

Speaking to veteran broadcast journalist Cheche Lazaro, Seguerra said she and her parents did not talk for a year-and-a-half after she admitted to them that she is gay.

Asked how exactly she told her parents, Seguerra recalled that her mom was the one talking that time and her dad was quiet.

It was very cinematic and her mom asked her if so and so was her girlfriend and she said yes.

At that moment, Seguerra said she saw her father shed tears without looking or talking to her.

Despite that, the singer said she did not want to sacrifice her true identity just to make people happy.

After some time, Seguerra said it was her mom who accepted her sexual preference first before her father came around.

When things returned to normal in her family again, Seguerra said her mom’s only request was for her to give them a grandchild.

Aside from what happened between her and her parents, Seguerra said she also had fears when it came out in public that she is a lesbian.

She never really came out because it is none of their business.

Aiza already came out with her parents, her brother and her friend and for her that is the most important thing, she said.

She did an interview but they edited her answers and made it appear as if she came out.

According to the singer, she was afraid that people would stop supporting her because some might think that the Aiza Seguerra that they have loved since she was three years old is no longer the same person.

Her fears, however, proved wrong as a lot of people loved her song, ‘Pagdating ng Panahon.’

They proved her wrong and when the song finally came out, the coming out issue, it is as if it is nothing.

She is just happy that it happened the way it happened.

She can be her and she can dress up like that without fear.