Willie Revillame Turns Emotional as Show Goes Off Air

Television host Willie Revillame was in tears as show went off air last Saturday.

Revillame turned emotional during the said live telecast of ‘Wowowillie,’ as curtains closed for the controversy-fraught noontime program after seven months on air.

Speaking with the live audience, he recalled the different iterations of his variety shows — the primetime offerings ‘Willing Willie’ and ‘Wiltime Bigtime,’ which preceded this latest revamp as ‘Wowowillie.’

Addressing the TV5 management, he continued that he could have an overtime for the last time.

A montage of contestants’ winning moments and Revillame’s interaction with his fans was then shown.

This included scenes dating back to his debut as a TV5 host.

Revillame transferred to the Manny V. Pangilinan-owned network in 2010, after the controversial end of his five-year program with ABS-CBN, ‘Wowowee.’

His first TV5 show, ‘Willing Willie,’ similarly drew controversies, among them involving allegations of child abuse when a 6-year-old contestant was supposedly made to perform as a macho dancer.

The controversy, which involved advertisers pulling out from the show, prompted Revillame to announce it would go on hiatus.

A month later, it resumed as the reformatted ‘Wiltime Bigtime.’

Yet another revamp as ‘Wowowillie’ marked the program’s transfer to a noontime slot in January this year.

Revillame went on to relate the difficulties of hosting a daily variety show live, which he said entails keeping up energy and an all-smiles front despite having personal problems to deal with.

He then proceeded to sing some of the hit songs popularized on his program and while singing ‘Ikaw na Nga,’ Revillame cried with his voice breaking.

Proceeding with his farewell speech, Revillame thanking several officials and executives of TV5 for allowing him to continue his program over the past three years.

He also thanked former Sen. Manny Villar, who was in the audience, for being a partner in giving away some 28 houses as contest prizes.

Revillame proceeded to thank the behind-the-scenes staff of ‘Wowowillie,’ as well as his female co-hosts who appeared to be in tears as he gave his speech.

He also mentioned former co-hosts Ethel Booba and Ate Gay, who quit the program after Revillame went on an on-air tirade in March criticizing them for supposedly being disrespectful toward him.

After showing another montage showing the entire ‘Wowowillie’ crew waving goodbye.

Although he had previously announced the end of the program to mark his retirement, Revillame appeared to sing a different tune in his closing statements on Saturday.

He said ‘thank you and I will return.’