Angel Locsin Will Play the Superhero Darna?

Actress Angel Locsin will once again wear the costume of Filipina superhero Darna, this time on the big screen.

This was confirmed by Star Cinema managing director Malou Santos in an interview with the Manila Bulletin, which was published in its website on Sunday.

Santos’ confirmation finally put an end to speculations as to who will play the Pinay superhero after ABS-CBN had acquired exclusive rights to the Mars Ravelo creation.

They already had prepared the story of her past and the brainstorming.

They are targeting next year for filming, she said in the interview.

Santos said it is Star Cinema’s goal to showcase special effects to offer something new to the viewers.

As of now, she thinks the best production outfit is Reality and they have have a partnership with them.

In fact, when they bought the Mars Ravelo stories, they want to produce the movie and definitely, the effects will be different from the past Darna movies

In a previous interview, Locsin said she would love to portray Darna again if ever the ABS-CBN management gives her the opportunity.

Locsin said Darna has already become part of her and it would delight her to give life to the character again.

Locsin has already played Darna on television in 2005. The most recent TV incarnation of Darna is actress Marian Rivera, who appeared in a 2009 series by GMA-7.

The first draft of the script of ‘Magic Temple’ already arrived.

Also released by Star Cinema in 1996, the fantasy-adventure film originally starred then-child stars Marc Solis, Anna Larrucea and Carlo Aquino among others.