Willie Revillame’s ‘Wowowillie’ Goes Off-Air this October?

Willie Revillame’s noontime program, Wowowillie will go off-air in October after a six-month run.

Executives of TV5 have confirmed an earlier announcement of Revillame that the show is indeed ending this month.

During a recent press conference announcing the network’s line-up of new programs, TV5 President Noel Lorenzana and Chief Entertainment Content Officer Wilma Galvante were asked as to what’s ahead for Revillame’s ‘Wowowillie.’

He added that the TV host’s contract will no longer be renewed and if Willie will come back, it will be under new circumstances and a new format.

Various iterations of Revillame’s variety programs, dating back to ‘Wowowee’ as it aired on ABS-CBN from 2005 to 2010, have been fraught with controversies.

The 2010 primetime program ‘Willing Willie,’ Revillame’s first show on TV5, was accused of child abuse when a 6-year-old contestant was supposedly made to perform as a macho dancer.

The controversy, which involved advertisers pulling out from the show, prompted Revillame to announce it would go on hiatus and it resumed as the reformatted ‘Wiltime Bigtime’ a month later.

Yet another revamp as ‘Wowowillie’ marked the program’s transfer to a noontime slot in January this year.

The said show once again drew controversy, however, when Revillame went on an on-air tirade against co-host Ethel Booba for allegedly disrespecting him.

Dared by Revillame to resign from his show, Ethel Booba never returned as a co-host on ‘Wowowillie.’

On the same program in May, Revillame announced his plans to retire, saying ‘Wowowillie’ will air its last episode on October 12.