Sunshine Cruz Reveals Cesar Montano Always Bring Back Her Past as Bold Star

Sunshine Cruz revealed she does not understand why her estranged husband Cesar Montano would always bring back her past as a bold star.

Montano had done this for thirteen years that they were living in one roof, every time they would have misunderstandings.

A teary-eyed Cruz said she does not know why Montano could not just move on from the past, during a live interview with ‘The Buzz’ on Sunday.

She said maybe there are people who could not really forget the past of other people.

Cesar would always tell her, she was a bold star but she said he is her first boyfriend.

When asked if this made her regret what she did before, Cruz said that it was because of financial difficulties and yes sometimes she has regrets.

But Cruz said she endured all this for the sake of their three children.

But what really broke the camel’s back, according to the actress, when one of their daughters asked her to talk to Montano because of a picture they saw in their father’s phone.

They were having lunch one day and her eight-year-old told her to talk to Cesar.

He tried reaching out for Cesar for four days because it was already affecting their children but unfortunately, the actor was very busy during his shootings.

Cruz said everybody knows how she gave their relationship so many chances until she finally realized that maybe it is time for her to love herself more.

She knows in her heart and in her mind that she did everything to make it work but it has been already thirteen years.

Saying everything, she is doing this for her children.

While she does not deny that they also had good times together as husband and wife, Cruz said she could recall more bad times in their marriage and that urged her to just move on.

As of now, Cruz revealed that she is already mulling to take legal steps to invalidate their marriage.