Heart Evangelista is Happy Living on Her Own

Actress Heart Evangelista said she is happy living on her own and enjoys her new found independence from her family.

Earlier this year, Heart Evangelista decided to enter into a romantic relationship with Senator Francis ‘Chiz’ Escudero.

Evangelista’s parents are against the said relationship and she has a misunderstanding with them because Mrs. Cecille and Ray Ongpauco strongly articulated their distaste on their daughter’s decision.

Her mother was even caught saying Heart is treating Chiz the same way she treated her former boyfriends.

Heart allows them to practically live in her condo and she spends for all the households, including groceries.

She allows them to use her Mercedes-Benz and she even pays for the gas,Mrs. Cecille Ongpauco added.

But despite everything, Heart left her parents’ care and decided to live on her own.

Heart said it is hard but she loves it.

She has grown so much as a woman and it made her practical with a lot of things.

She said when Sun.Star got to interview her during the press launch of her latest afternoon series.

The actress shared that sh is now paying the bills, maintaining her condo unit and would usually shop for all the supplies needed in the house, including the content of her refrigerator.

Meanwhile, Heart said she is now in speaking terms with her parents but declined to give more details about their reported reconciliation.

They are now okay but it is something she does not want to talk so much because she wants to do the opposite after the whole fiasco.

She just keeping it to herself.

The actress said it is her way of showing sincerity in mending her relationship with her father and mother.

Heart said she doest need the publicity just to get good girl image on television.

Meanwhile, the Kapuso star clarified that Chiz doesn’t need to exert effort to close the gap with her family because the Senator has been very patient since the beginning of their relationship.

Heart said it is not yet the right time for her parents and Chiz to kiss and make up.

The senator always makes an effort from the very beginning.

Heart really thinks he should not do anything.

Her relationship with her parents is okay, that is what is important.

Life is too short but at the end of the day, if this person makes you happy, choice it is her choice.

Heart also clarified that his boyfriend doesn’t mind if she works again with co-star Sid Lucero in ‘Magkano Ba Ang Pag-Ibig?’

The two dated before the senator came in the picture, they also starred together in primetime series ‘Legacy.’

He never interferes with her work or if she have to work with somebody that she dated before or her ex-boyfriend.

He has no problem whatsoever because he is very understanding when it comes to her job.

Heart said Sid is a good friend and she is very comfortable working with him.

She added that one of the advantages of dating an older guy is they are mature enough to understand what is real from reel.

She guesses it is nice to date someone older than you because they are above that jealousy.

‘Magkano Ba Ang Pag-Ibig’ will premiere starting September 30 on GMA-7.