Sarah Geronimo & Matteo Guidicelli are Dating?

Sarah Geronimo opted to keep her silence on rumors romantically linking her to Matteo Guidicelli.

Geronimo said that she would rather remain truthful about her situation with the actor when asked on the matter and quizzed on the status of her relationship with him.

She also appeared to grasp for words, before she began by saying, she and Matteo are okay.

That was during a media huddle at the sidelines of a press conference held early this week for her latest endorsement.

Guidicelli, who is also endorsing a competing brand, co-starred with Geronimo in the 2011 romantic-comedy film ‘Catch Me, I’m In Love,’ has repeatedly denied courting the actress, stressing they are only friends.

The rumor that the two are dating began circulating shortly after the actor attended Sarah’s 25th birthday party in July.

The actor was reportedly, the only showbiz personality seen at the said private birthday party of the singer-actress.

The two also became close while doing a show in the United States earlier this year hosted by The Filipino Channel TFC.

Geronimo also appeared more open in addressing questions about Guidicelli, describing him at one point as, cute, respectful and has endearing qualities.

Meanwhile, Sarah helped send one of her sisters to study in Paris.

She said that going back to school was also something she wanted for herself.

Soon, her sister will be able to find work and she is excited for her.

It will be the fruit of their family’s hard work.

She also wants to take a break from work but she does not know yet for how long because she is still weighing her options and it is a very hard decision to make.

The singer-actress is also considering taking up musical production abroad.

She thought that since she is already in that business, she should study to improve her craft.

Sarah also wants to learn how to play musical instruments and at the same time, she wants to take up something that is totally not connected to music.

It would be her fallback since she knows a career in show biz is not forever.