Jake Cuenca Says Jessy Mendiola is Worth Fighting For

Jake Cuenca is indeed courting actress Jessy Mendiola?

Some things are worth fighting for and Cuenca said that Mendiola is one of those things.

This was the statement of Jake Cuenca when asked whether he is indeed courting Jessy Mendiola.

Mendiola is Cuenca’s co-star in the upcoming ABS-CBN series ‘Maria Mercedes.’

The 25-year-old actor was also made to address an earlier announcement of actor Sam Milby’s intentions to court Mendiola.

Anything Jake has to say to Jessy, he will say it to her in person because he thinks it is more sincere that way unlike Sam.

Meanwhile, Milby, in an earlier interview, denied he and Cuenca are not in good terms.

This, after Milby was reported to have closely guarded Mendiola at last Saturday’s Star Magic Ball, supposedly preventing Cuenca from being near the actress.

Milby said that he does not need to make the issue bigger than it is because there is no issue between him and Jake.

Milby accompanied Mendiola for a greater part of the night, he explained it was simply his way of showing his interest that he wanted to be around.

On Friday, Mendiola admitted Milby is not the only person courting her at the moment.

She also shared Cuenca recently sent her food at home.