Dominique Cojuanco Loves Marjorie Barretto’s Kids

Dominique Cojuanco, daughter of Gretchen Barretto, said that all is well between her and aunt Marjorie Barretto’s children.

Cojuanco loves them and she is with them all the time, eating pizza every week, when asked about her relationship with Marjorie’s kids, specifically with Julia and Claudia.

She also said that they do not have any conflict and she’s very close to her cousins.

It can be recalled that a basher with the user handle @marjoriekabit on Instagram commented on a photo posted by Gretchen.

The said commenter questioned Marjorie’s financial capacity and the closeness of the latter to Dominique, Gretchen and businessman Tony Boy Cojuangco.

The basher posted that Dominique feels like she already gave too much for Marj’s family.

She even called Marj’s family dependent and parasite.

Gretchen replied that her sister has a business and can afford to send her children to school.

She added that they don’t use the Cojuancos’ money to maintain their lifestyle because she has work to support her needs.

When asked to react on the said comment, Dominique said she does not want to get involved with things.

She tries not to get herself into anything that any of them say because she does not want to blur her judgment.

She was also tight-lipped in the on-going conflict between her mother, aunt Claudine Barretto and grandmother Inday.

Dominique said she wants everything fixed because they are one family.