Vilma Santos has Mastered the Art of Restrained yet Powerful Acting

Vilma Santos did a heartfelt portrayal of a bit player (Loida) in ‘Extra.’

It amazed the people at the Cinema Evaluation Board, who gave her a grade of A.

Santos has mastered the art of restrained yet powerful acting which made them empathize with Loida in every ‘retake and buckle of the way.’

At Vilma’s stature to play an ‘Ekstra,’ is not an easy task for a star but since she has always kept her feet on the ground, she is still within the reach of lesser mortals.

She was able to effectively portray an unsung hero in her first indie movie.

She has uplifted the dignity of ekstras and because of her, people know that they are also extraordinary.

When asked what did she learn about bit players when they filmed ‘Ekstra’?

She said that it is a cliché but it’s the truth: they are not getting the proper respect that they deserve as bit players.

A movie cannot be completed without their participation.

If she had the power to make laws in the industry, what laws would she implement to protect and uplift the dignity of bit players?

Right benefits or fair benefits for bit players.

The problem is that the movie industry lacks the laws needed to protect itself as well as the people in it.

What piece of advice would you give to bit players?
She said that extras should not lose hope, they should keep going and love their work.

It takes a bit player to get noticed and move to the next level when they love their jobs and it will love them back.

She will not entertain any offers yet after ‘Extra’ because Batangas is her priority as governor and she is on her last term.

Her first indie experience was fantastic and she was able to enter another world of ‘artists.’

She cannot imagine doing a film in twelve days.

Meanwhile, she remembers about her first husband Edu Manzano as a good provider and a respectable father.

What made their marriage work with husband Ralph Recto? It is respect, dialogue, supporting each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

She tells their sons about love and women.

They should live their lives with respect for women.

If there is respect, everything follows like love, understanding and caring.

She told them that their mother is a woman who loves them unconditionally.

What is the best legacy that you will leave behind?

As a person, she did everything to make her life meaningful for her family and the people she served.

Her guiding principle in life and in love is live your life to the fullest because life is short, be optimistic and tomorrow is another day.