Gerald Anderson Considers the Possibility of Trying his Luck Abroad

Gerald Anderson received a standing ovation at the Director’s Fortnight at this year’s Cannes International Film Festival in France last May.

Anderson admitted it was one of the unforgettable experiences for him.

He felt blessed that he was part of the movie , ‘On The Job’ and he learned so many things as an actor from the said film.

He attended the film festival with co-actors Piolo Pascual, Joel Torre, and Rayver Cruz.

Meanwhile, Gerald admitted that he considered the possibility of trying his luck in the international scene.

It is always a dream for an actor like him to widen their audience.

When it comes to billing, it is not a problem to Gerals because he has always admired the work of Piolo Pascual.

Gerald plays the role of Daniel, an inmate who is temporarily released from prison in order to be contracted by corrupt politicians as a hit man.

He is strong and determined like his character in real life.

When it comes to his much talked about relationship with Maja Salvador, Gerald said they have gotten to the point where they don’t want to be affected by their bashers and critics anymore.

He and Maja have busy work schedules but they still find some quality time for each other.

But the actor declined to give any details on what they do on dates, it’s their secret.

‘On The Job’ will hit theaters nationwide on August 28, 2013.