Sunshine Cruz Confirms that Cesar Montano Rapes Her

Actress Sunshine Cruz said that Cesar Montano raped her.

Cruz filed a complaint-affidavit before the Quezon City Regional Trial Court on Tuesday morning.

It was about the Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children case against her husband, Montano.

The actress made the complaint based on an alleged incident of rape last May 2013.

On Mother’s Day, May 12, Montano allegedly barged into her residence, where she was alone, and then violently attacked her, employed physical violence and raped her.

Cruz was accompanied by her legal counsel, Atty. Bonifacio Alentajan, in the filing of the case.

She claims that Montano has committed and still continues to commit acts of violence and verbal abuse against her and her three daughters.

She can describe Montano as a very domineering, philandering husband that demanded full submission and obedience from her.

A recent affair between her husband and starlet Krista Miller which, she said, had adverse effects on her daughters, who had read the text messages exchanged between Montano and Miller.

Cruz said her daughter also witnessed her father receive a text photo of Miller in a bikini.

Cruz has also been denied access to her children since July 29, despite her efforts for them to be brought home.

Cruz said this was the trigger for her to file this case against her husband.

Cruz said she is willing to lose everything except her kids.

Cruz has been a devoted wife and a mom to her children.

Some weeks ago, Cruz has been granted a temporary protection order by the QC RTC, prohibiting Montano to come within 300 meters of her.

A petition for a permanent protection order (PPO) is currently being heard at the QC RTC. A second hearing is scheduled on August 15.

Meanwhile, Cruz has decided to live apart from Montano, her husband of 13 years, for good last January 2013.

This after Montano was romantically linked to Miller, who recently appeared in a film with the 50-year-old actor.

Before the controversial breakup involving Miller,

The celebrity couple had gone through several rough patches due to Montano’s questionable relationships with his co-worker, before their break-up.