Charice Pempengco Wants to Perform Gay Roles

Singer Charice Pempengco is now in the United States, where she is staying until the end of the month.

Pempengco has a renewed appreciation for her loyal fans there, who stayed with her after she spoke on national television about her gender preference.

She was touched when fans approached and congratulated her for the new-found freedom and everything.

Charice told her US management team that she would like to audition for Hollywood movies and TV shows while she is in California.

She wants to return to ‘Glee’ in gay roles because this times she wants to play weird roles.

It has always been her big wish to return to the hit US TV show Glee.

And even before she became part of its cast during the show’s second season, she has always admired the show’s support to LGBT issues.

Nevertheless, she would still love to play Sunshine because it is very inspirational.

She is almost done working on her latest album ‘Chapter 10,’ where one of its singles is ‘Unexpected Love,’ which she dedicates to girlfriend Alyssa Quijano.

The song was written by her with ‘The Voice US’ semi-finalist Cheesa and her brother, Troy Laureta, who is Charice’s musical director.

The singer considers the Lauretas like her own siblings and were among the first ones to know about Quijano.

Her US trip is the first time that Quijano and Charice have been separated.

Charice hopes that the Chasters will support her new album that talks about the new chapter in her life.

She will return to the Philippines soon, to promote her ‘Chapter 10’ album.