Why Robin Padilla Cannot Obtain a US Visa?

Since Robin Padilla married Mariel Rodriquez in 2010, Robin said he has been wanting to fly to the US so he could meet his father-in-law for the first time.

But Robin Padilla was frustrated that he could not join Mariel Rodriguez on the trip because he is unable to obtain a US visa.

Maybe the US embassy officials have seen his incarceration for illegal possession of firearms in the late 1990s and/or his support for the Sabah claim of his mentor, Sulu Sultan Jamalul Kiram III.

Nevertheless, Robin is still thankful that he is at least free to travel to Europe.

The actor shot many of the scenes in ‘Sampung Libong Oras (10,000 Hours) – a Metro Manila Film Festival entry which is about the life in exile of Senator Panfilo Lacson in European cities.

Meanwhile, Mariel was detained for three hours by Homeland Security agents at the John F. Kennedy Airport, when she went to US to join her father.

She holds an American passport but she was picked up by the agents upon disembarking from the aircraft.

The host confirmed the incident in a direct message to News5 on Twittter, although she made light of it and did not provide details.

Mariel embarked on the trip to join her US-based father, who will undergo an ablation surgery for a heart ailment.

Robin said he believes Mariel was also detained because of him.