Lovi Poe Only Considers Jake Cuenca as Genuine Friend

Actor Jake Cuenca finally admitted that he is in love with actress Lovi Poe after months of keeping mum about his real feelings for the actress.

Despite his admission, Cuenca was saddened that it never became a real romantic relationship.

But he stressed it never reached the point that he became depressed and that he only felt bad that something did not push through.

While Cuenca had been vocal of his feelings for Poe, the actress repeatedly said that they only remain genuine friends.

She cannot commit to any relationship for now because of her focus on her career.

The actor is now trying to move on and also focus on his career.

He is very happy that both of them are doing well in their careers.

Meanwhile, in his past interviews, Cuenca revealed that he wants his next girlfriend to be his life-long partner.

Cuenca’s last relationship was with actress Melissa Ricks, while Poe’s last boyfriend was former Ilocos Sur Rep. Ronald Singson.