Liezel Martinez Undergoes Stem Cell Therapy

It is new lease on life for Liezl Martinez after she undergone stem cell therapy.

Nobody could believe that Martinez was ever afflicted with the c, when you look at her now.

It was in 2008 when Albert Martinez’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The cancer recurred in 2011 and metastasized to her left lung.

Liezl now is 46 but she looks much younger.

She dives, bungee jumps, and is a mother of three.

It was through her stepfather, Joey Stevens, that Liezl heard about Dr. Samuel Bernal, who talked about stem cell therapy at the Sofitel Bulong Pulungan forum this week.

The doctor recommended stem cell therapy and chemotherapy with molecular profiling for Liezl.

She had five cycles of chemotherapy and six sessions of stem cell therapy vaccine.

She went into full remission after her fifth cycle of chemo and sixth stem cell injection in September 2011.