Raymart Santiago is Allowed to See His Children with Claudine Barretto

The Regional Trial Court of Marikina has granted Raymart Santiago’s petition.

The said petition was for a writ of habeas corpus in relation to a custody case he had filed against his wife, Claudine Barretto.

It allows him to be reunited with their children despite the recent issuance of a temporary protection order (TPO) against Santiago.

On Thursday afternoon the actor announced that he had been allowed to see his children with Barretto – their adopted daughter, Sabina, 9; and biological son, Santino, 6.

The decision came after a two-hour, closed-door hearing on Santiago’s petition, which he filed Wednesday in response to the same court’s granting of Barretto’s TPO against Raymart.

The same order also prohibited Santiago from being within 300 meters of his two children.

Barretto was allegedly abused by Santiago physically, verbally, psychologically, and even economically.

The actress’ camp also alleged that Santiago had physically hurt their children.

Asked whether the court decision on Thursday overrides the TPO, Barretto’s camp cited a gag order, which prohibits both sides to discuss with the media details of the case.

Barretto bared that she will file charges against her former partner for his alleged violation of the Anti-Violence against Women and Their Children Act of 2004.