Lorna Tolentino Replaces Nora Aunor in ‘Burgos’

Veteran actress Lorna Tolentino plays Edita Burgos, the mother of missing activist Jonas Burgos, in a true-to-life movie ‘Burgos.’

Jonas Burgos has been a desaparecido since 2007.

Tolentino said she is glad that Mrs. Burgos appreciated the way she portrayed the character even if she was not the first choice for the role.

Nora Aunor was originally tapped to play Burgos.

The script script is written by Ricky Lee and the movie is directed by Joel Lamangan.

When Lorna learned that she landed on the role, the 51-year-old actress took time to study and understand her character.

She is not expecting any awards but she said that it would be rewarding if people will go out and see the film.

Mrs. Burgos said that Lorna’s performance was so real that she and her other children cried while watching Tolentino film some scenes because she gave a very sensitive portrayal in the movie.

Six years after her son was allegedly abducted by some soldiers, Mrs. Burgos is still hoping to find Jonas alive.

There is no proof that he is dead, to her she chooses to believe that Jonas is alive, she added.

Edita Burgos is a regular viewer of Lorna Tolentino’s most recent GMA 7 soap opera, ‘Pahiram ng Sandali,’ where the actress plays the wife of Christopher de Leon and has an affair with a photographer played by Dingdong Dantes, who happens to be the boyfriend of Lorna and Christopher’s daughter.