Bea Alonzo Shares the Secret of her Happy Relationship with Zanjoe Marudo

Actress Bea Alonzo shares her secret to their happy and strong relationship, with her boyfriend Zandro Marudo.

Alonzo and Marudo always understand each other and bring out the best on them.

Part of showing her support for her boyfriend, is supporting him in his golf ventures.

Bea recently organized a golf tournament for Zanjoe because she knows that it is one of his passions.

Marriage is still something far from the actress’ mind because she remarks that she still wants to enjoy her current status as Zanjoe’s girlfriend.

Bea’s career is also flourishing more than ever.

Her fans and moviegoers applauded her recent role in ‘Four Sisters and a Wedding.’

She was glad that she was able to give justice to her character in the film.

Bea admitted that she can relate to her role in the film and she was surprised that a lot of people can relate as well.