Paul Jake Castillo Speaks Up on Break-up with Melissa Ricks

Paul Jake Castillo, former Pinoy Big Brother housemate talks about his split up with Melissa Ricks.

In a television interview aired on Friday, Castillo said that their relationship was not working.

Ricks is really perfect, very kind and very supportive.

Castillo confirmed that he initiated the split.

The feeling was mutual but he thinks it is more of him, he explained.

He does not know how to put it in words but it is the small things that he gets annoyed with. It is not her.

They are not fighting all the time but he thinks it is his problem.

Castillo said he and Ricks still get to see each other after their break-up.

They still go out together, watch a movie and have foot massage.
There is no reason to burn bridges, Paul Jake added.

Castillo went on to give advice to women, sharing what he thinks they should avoid when they are in a relationship.

Meanwhile, Castillo confirmed on ‘The Buzz’ last month that he and Ricks amicably ended their relationship, which lasted for more than a year.