LJ Reyes Says Paulo Avelino is a Good Father to Their Son

LJ Reyes admits Paulo Avelino is a good dad to their son.

Reyes says Avelino makes time for his son and that is the most important thing for him and she has only good things to say about him in that regard.

The actress made this declaration after they allegedly broke up and Paulo left their home.

The actor consistently refuses to discuss the status of their relationship.

Meanwhile, she is a regular performer in GMA 7’s weekly variety show ‘Sunday All Stars’ and she admits that she feels bad about leaving her son home for work.

She is preparing for a new soap and she is attending workshops.

She is already feeling the pressure, but she is sure it is good, if only because this motivates her to do better.

When asked how she is able to balance work and motherhood, LJ said, it is hard to adjust but she can manage now.

LJ just makes sure to eat healthy food and work out regularly at the gym.

She has been suffering from migraines lately because of lack of sleep, but generally she is okay.