Vilma Santos is not yet Thinking of Running Higher Office in 2016

Vilma Santos-Recto, Batangas Governor is not yet thinking on running for higher office.

Recto has still three years to work as governor and she is not even dreaming to become the vice president in the coming 2016 election.

She has that target to make Batangas one of the top three provinces, if not number one.

The actress-turned-politician has been proclaimed as governor of Batangas for the third and final term after a landslide victory over her opponent.

She thinks that her latest victory could mean Batangas voters see that she is doing something good.

Meanwhile, Vilma’s husband Ralph Recto is throwing his full support to his wife whose first independent film ‘Ekstra’ is part of this year’s Cinemalaya Film Festival.

Recto is a self-confessed fan of Vilma and he says that it is a great joy to see Santos on the big screen anew, years after she starred in the movie.

He hopes his wife will make more movies once she retires from politics and he will also support his wife’s plan to produce a movie someday.